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Fully Automatic Iron Remover
Fully Automaitc Magnetic Plate Type Iron Remover With Up & Down Moving Systern For Glaze


Removing iron substances in ceramic glaze,slurry kaolin,washing clay and such liquid materials
Treatment flow3-8T/H deironing efficiency (%)>80(Rated flow:density ≤70; iron material particle≥42um)


Adopts imported high-coercivity magnetic core,with magentic core performance of exceeding N50H with long life span of magnetic core
Special materical working medium allocation realizes suction of weak magnetic substances
Fully automatic control,automatic washing and iron removing,continuous working
Liquid material counter current deironing,with adjustable deironing and washing period
Working magnetic field intersity(over 15000GS)

Case link: Qing yuan Shenghua ceramic factory Case Sichuan Huahong Ceramic Factory Case