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Industry news
The construction technology of small mobile garbage crusher has been developed by leaps and bounds

Construction waste refers to the people in the demolition, construction, decoration, repair and other construction activities in the production of the production of slag, waste concrete, waste brick and other waste collectively. In recent years, the process of industrialization and urbanization of the country has been accelerated significantly. A large number of construction waste has been generated in the construction and demolition of new or expanded urban buildings. With the constant encouragement and praise of the renewable energy, the small mobile construction garbage crusher industry has a bright future, and its continuous application has further stimulated the leapfrog development of the crushing equipment technology.
Use the loader to bulk rubbish into the bin construction work, after the storage bin feeder evenly into the jaw crusher are crushed, crushed construction waste by belt machine into two double tooth roller crusher broken broken; construction waste after a belt machine into the multilayer vibrating screen screening, a variety of aggregate respectively by belt conveyor belt by the machine into the aggregate heap. The unqualified construction waste by belt conveyor into double roll crusher for three times by crushing, belt machine into the No. 2 sieve, made of sand for building manufacturing concrete mixing station, can also be made of diversiform unburned solid brick and hollow brick and block, both beautiful and environmentally friendly, as well as gardens, city greening, housing decoration and other customers, part of the material unqualified by the conveyer belt and the hoist into raw material base. The material of the raw material storehouse is sent into the micro powder mill by the belt conveyor to make fine powder, and then it is sent into the micro powder warehouse by the belt conveyor and the hoist.
To roll crusher suitable for compression strength less than 250Mpa, solid material moisture less than 35% fine and intermediate crushing, widely used in mining, cement, ceramics, metallurgy, thermoelectric, chemical, building materials and other industries, has low maintenance cost, low requirement for water, reliable performance, small power consumption, low noise, little dust the characteristics of. With the continuous development of roller crusher, the technology is constantly updated, roll crusher, toothed roller crusher also in the field of building waste separation, applied to the major construction waste treatment plant. Roller crusher is applied to construction waste crushing, which has the advantages of low maintenance cost, low water requirement, reliable performance, less power consumption, less dust, low noise and so on.