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Industry news
The equipment manufacturing industry in Foshan has the standard

Foshan equipment manufacturing industry has an alliance standard. Yesterday (6 days), "small appliances" and "plastic injection mould cooling electromagnetic separator" size two Union standards officially released, from the material, assembly, performance and other aspects of guiding mold industry, magnetic separation equipment industry development.
With the development of equipment manufacturing industry, Foshan has become an important production base for mould and magnetic separation equipment in china. According to statistics, at present our city mold enterprises have more than 3000, accounting for about 1/10 of the country, the annual output value of about 13 billion yuan, the formation of the die industry chain in the automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, ceramic machinery and other industries; magnetic separation equipment industry more than 60 enterprises, the annual output value of 1 billion 800 million yuan.
Foshan mold and magnetic separation equipment industry, while the rapid development, but also due to the lack of standards severely constrained. Wanda machinery Limited by Share Ltd general manager Li Chengsong told reporters, there is no standard for many enterprises "very hurt"". He cited an obvious example of an enterprise in Foshan selling a machine to a foreign customer because of a dispute over the strength of the magnetic field that led to the final court.
In this context, in July last year, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to promote the establishment of the city mold industry and magnetic separation equipment industry standard alliance. The two alliance standards were led by 16 and 17 leading enterprises, and the specifications of materials and properties were standardized.
Ceng Weihuan, chief of standard Department of Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, said that the release of the two alliance standards will play a significant role in the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry in our city. I will lead the industry industry to seize the commanding heights of development, to create "Foshan standard", leading enterprises to improve product quality, enhance the combination of technological innovation ability, promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry, help me create trillions of advanced equipment manufacturing industry.